Hosting CPanel Help Videos

Video tutorials are often a fast and easy way to learn new things quickly. Here are some quick videos of how to do some common things with your new hosting account at Hosting with Service from Designing Results. You'll notice some differences because these videos were made for a previous version of the CPanel. The processes are still the same so you should not have any problem figuring it out. And if you do please use the contact form under the About menu choice to ask any questions you might have.

How to Login to Your Hosting Account Control Panel (CPanel)

Click the link above to watch a video on how to login to your new Hosting Account's Control Panel. CPanel is where you control many thing related to your new Web Hosting Account.  Things like creating email accounts, Setting up MySQL databases, viewing the Web Site Traffic Reports, and much much more.


Create an Auto-Response Email Message

Click the link above to watch a short video on how to create what is called an Auto Responder.  This is a way to create a fake email address that if anyone sends and email address to this fake address the email system will reply immediately with a "canned" message you created.  This can be useful for sending some information that has value automatically have a form submission on your website.  Just carbon copy the form submission email to your autoresponder address (be sure you form submission has the form submitters email address in the from field or your autoresponse will go to your web server) and the form submitter will get the information in email instantly.


Create a New POP Email Account

Click the link above to watch a video on creating a new email account in your Hosting Account Control Panel (CPanel).  


Create an Email Forwarding Rule

Click the above link to view a video on how to add an Email Forwarder.  This is the best way to use a free email service like Google's Gmail or YaHoo mail to name a couple of many, but still have your email address be  You create a new email address at your web domain, but all mail coming into the email server for that address is instantly rerouted to any other email address you want.  So for example I could have a yahoo email account as, but my new web site domain is and I want an email address of  By making a forwarding rule, all mail going to gets delivered into my mailbox.


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